Covenant of Grace

A Concise Case For Reformed Infant Baptism

In Reformed theology, our belief in infant baptism doesn’t come from isolated Bible proof texts, but by considering Scripture as an organic whole. When we do this, we see that the children of believers are members of the covenant of grace and are therefore entitled its sign and seal, which is baptism.

The Sacramental Theology of Herman Bavinck

What was Herman Bavinck’s theology of the sacraments? Based on his geographical location, did any crypto-Lutheranism creep in? In today’s post, Anthony Charles synthesizes Bavinck’s sacramental theology and answers some perplexing questions.

The Abrahamic Covenant

As mentioned in my previous article on the covenant of grace, the outward administration of the covenant of grace began with Adam in Genesis 3:15. In the Abrahamic Covenant, that seed is beginning to germinate and blossom. God’s promises and plans become more revealed. The substance of the covenant of grace is always the same—it’s …

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The Covenant of Grace

After Adam’s failure to keep the covenant of works, God’s people needed a rescue plan. We desperately needed redemption from sin. We literally needed to have a covenant head who could represent us. This was really the purpose of the covenant of grace: To deliver us the mediator we urgently required in order to save …

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