What Is The Essence Of Being Reformed?

If you ask a Christian what a “Reformed” Christian is you’re bound to get a different answer with each person. Putting this question out to our friends on “Reformed Twitter” also proved difficult to get a definitive answer. In today’s post, discusses the essence of being Reformed.

A Case For Reformed Amillennialism

Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist Is NOT A Premillennial Dispensationalist: A Concise Case For Reformed Amillennialism

The case for amillennialism is very compelling. It’s a view literally taught by Jesus, Paul, the book of Revelation, the Nicene and Apostles’ Creed, as well as the Reformed Confessions. It’s a view that truly gives all glory and honor to Jesus Christ and nothing else. All the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament find their “Yes” in Jesus Christ.

Neo-Calvinism: A Theological Introduction (Book Review)

Interest in Neo-Calvinism has been awakened in recent years due to the publications of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Dogmatics, The Wonderful Works of God, and Dr. James Eglinton’s Bavinck: A Critical Biography. Herman Bavinck, and his mentor, Abraham Kuyper, are known as the chief architects of Neo-Calvinism. In this current work, Cory C. Brock and N. Gray Sutanto explain that Neo-Calvinism seeks to take Reformed confessional theology and make it modern, meaning it desires to articulate it to our current age. It is not content to remain a relic of the 16th century. This is what makes it catholic. Neo-Calvinism values the past, it’s committed to Reformed orthodoxy, but it presses on to bring Christianity into the present with an eye to the future. Since Neo-Calvinism views Christianity as an organic leavening agent, it can fit in to any culture and will have positive implications for the family, ethics, politics, art, science, and other contemporary issues.

A Reformation Story

My advice to Reformed people going through transitions with family and friends is this: Keep in mind that the road to Reformation is rarely smooth and painless. It takes a lot of prayer, patience, love, counsel, and consistency. Most importantly, don’t underestimate the importance of plugging in to a good and solid local church.

Book Review: Mere Calvinism

In two sentences, what is a Calvinist?   From the first time I learned Mere Calvinism was coming out I’ve been excited. My initial thought was this would be C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity meets two other P&R classics: The Five Points of Calvinism by David Steele & Curtis Thomas and The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination …

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